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Medical Equipment Catalogue

Product catalogue for urgent medical supplies in response to the COVID-19 emergency

Applicable to Clients based in Nigeria countries, proposed prices in this catalogue are under door to door delivery terms, which means Cambielli Nigeria Ltd assumes all the responsibilities, risks and will bear all the costs associated with the transport of products until the buyer has received the goods.

These particular conditions of sale mean that shipping costs, export and import duties & charges, insurance and any other expenses incurred during the shipping to an agreed-upon location in the Client's country are included in the rates.

Unless specified otherwise, the standard order delivery time is 10-14 days upon receipt of payment.
Due diligence and strict pre-qualification processes have been arranged to all Suppliers. Prior to shipping of any order, all items are inspected by Cambielli Nigeria Ltd to ensure the compliance with quality standards.

Cambielli Nigeria Limited

Masks and PPEs
Masks BFE>95 and KN95 (FFP2), gloves

Cambielli Nigeria Limited

Medical Devices and Sanitizers
Oximeters, No-contact thermometers and sanitizers

Cambielli Nigeria Limited

SCUDO to go
Protection screens

Termoscanner totem

Termoscanner Totem

Termoscanner totem for automatic detection of temperature and automatic disinfectant dispenser.

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